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TeacherStudio™ is sensitive to your privacy and that’s one of the reasons that TeacherStudio is not an “open” site. It is a private site available and accessible only by registered members, all of whom can only obtain access to TeacherStudio by being an educator and a qualified member of a local school district or other educational organization. TeacherStudio provides its clients with sufficient licenses to enable all of the educators within each subscribing district or organization to gain access to TeacherStudio. Therefore, your posts on TeacherStudio are only available to educators that have licensed access through their school districts or organizations. In addition, when you are working on a project or lesson plan that you wish to post in its final form, but that you want input on while it is a “Work in Process”, TeacherStudio enables you to restrict access to only those you wish to help you with the work in process until you a ready to post it to all TeacherStudio members.

All of your posts become available to all members unless you are working on a Work in Process in which case you choose the colleagues who will be allowed to view it.. Here is the rest of our Privacy Policy.

1. We do not share your information.

TeacherStudio shares no information we receive about you with third parties. This includes both traditional factual information (your name, address, phone number, etc.) and electronic, technical, Web-oriented information (your IPS address, email configuration, email address, etc.).

2. We do not share mailing lists.

TeacherStudio does not sell or exchange mailing lists.

3. We do not tolerate SPAM.

TeacherStudio will only email you to notify you that you have received a message in your TeacherStudio mailbox.

Our Actions

The electronic information our servers collect about visitors depends on what the visitors do while visiting our Web site.

1. If you identify yourself personally to us by sending us an email or to subscribe to any of our weekly or monthly email news updates:

We store the information you voluntarily provide, and use it to contact you for matters related to the purpose for which you gave it to us. We do not share this information with other organizations or use it for commercial purposes other than those you directly request. If you use one of our online forms, the information you provide is entirely at your discretion. In the event of a complaint or request from you in the future, it may be impossible for us to refer to, respond to, or investigate your complaint unless you have already shared some information with us through one of our online forms. In other words, if you visit our site anonymously, and leave no footprints behind, we won't be able to help you by retracing any of your steps.

2. If you want to retrieve or correct your personal information that may be in our records:

We comply happily with the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to provide you certain rights to view your personal information maintained in our records. You have access to your contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number), and the ongoing opportunity to correct inaccuracies.

3. A further note about security:

If you send us an email message or use one of our online forms on the public non-password protected side of the Website, you should be aware that your information is not necessarily secure against electronic interception by unknown and unforeseeable third parties, commonly known as "hackers." If you believe your communication to us includes sensitive information, please contact us by postal mail or telephone rather than by email.

4. In the event of changes to this policy:

We reserve the right to use site visitor information in the future for new, unanticipated uses not disclosed in this privacy notice. This is not because we foresee any change in our principles, but because ongoing advances in electronic interactivity may change the very ways you and we connect. Such changes are impossible to foresee. In any case, if our electronic information practices change in these ways, we will post such policy changes on our Web site. If you are concerned about how your information is used, check back at our Website periodically.

7. How to contact us:
By postal mail:
TeacherStudio, LLC
64 East Concord Street
Orlando, Florida 32801
By telephone:
(407) 601-7878
By email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it