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Our Story
The idea for TeacherStudio® was first conceived by us, Kelly Pounds and Caroline Masse, two former public school teachers who are, for different reasons, very interested in a way for educators to easily collaborate and support one another.

• Kelly has a degree in Elementary Education and spent twelve years in the elementary and middle school classrooms, most of those years also serving in a staff development role. As a staff developer, Kelly's frustration was often that she would spend time creating face-to-face professional development offerings that teachers would enthusiastically participate in, but when they went back to their classrooms, nothing much really changed. There just wasn't any accountability nor was there the ongoing support it took to facilitate any change. In the later years, Kelly also had no true thought partner in her role as technology coordinator and curriculum resource person at the school level.

• Caroline pursued an alternative certification program and has five years of high school classroom experience. As a beginning history teacher without any "education" background, Caroline's frustration was that she needed ongoing support in understanding pedagogy and lesson design, classroom management, and differentiating instruction. While she could research the Internet for lesson plans, there wasn't anyone there in a “just in time" capacity to help her understand whether or not what she found was any good. Nor could she get any feedback about her own teaching practices.

After pursuing our master's degrees in educational/instructional technology, we eventually found ourselves working together as instructional designers at IDEAS. One day we began talking about that feeling of isolation we felt as classroom teachers. (The number one reason cited by beginning teachers who leave the profession is "I felt isolated.") We really wanted to answer the professional development needs of both beginning and veteran educators while giving them a true community where they could support each other. We partnered with our friends at eSchool Solutions to help us realize our dream.

We began by researching what others were saying about what a professional learning community should offer. Since we were no longer working in the classroom, we also worked closely with teachers in a local school district to make sure what we were designing would really work in the real world. Given that the leaders of schools, districts, and other educational organizations are responsible for the instructional development of their teachers, it seemed more beneficial for a cohort that shares the same vision and mission to join a community together. Hence, TeacherStudio® is offered at an organizational level rather than an individual level. In addition, so we don't continue to recreate the wheel in each local organization, we allow our community members to see across organization lines.

TeacherStudio® has become a place where educators can collaborate with one another and find answers. Since the product is a multi-district community, members can always find a peer, regardless of their role. Teachers can upload best practice videos (which, to maintain quality, are moderated by their organization before they go "public" on the site) in four channels: lesson plans, classroom management tips, technology how-to's, and instructional strategies. We are a committed team, constantly responding to user input on how to improve the product.

As budgets continue to be cut, teachers need all the help and support they can get, and we want TeacherStudio® to be a place where they feel safe to grow and improve their results.